Mick has written five books to date - Für die Liebe von Armin (German Edition), Anglo-Saxon Invasion, Full Circle for Mick, For the Love of Armin and Now What?!!.

Für die Liebe von Armin
Im spetember von 9 A.D, wischten Armin. Thusnelda und ihre Krieger Varus und seine drei römischen Legionen im Teutoburg Wald weg und änderten den Geschichsverlauf!
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Anglo-Saxon Invasion
This story starts with the historical back-drop of the ancient Germanic tribes amalgamating and two tribes dominant among them in Europe.
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Now What?!!
The story of the English people from their beginnings as Germanic pagans to the end of reign of King Alfred the Great.
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For the Love of Armin
For the Love of Armin is the story of the battle that defined Europe. In today's Europe, there is a boundary between those who prefer beer and those who drink wine.
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Full Circle for Mick
Story of a migrant to Australia from Germany who lies about his age when joining the Australian Army in 1967 in order to serve in Vietnam.
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