Book Reviews

Mick has written three books to date - Full Circle for Mick, For the Love of Armin and Now What?!!.

Great book for those that have an interest in the effects of war on soldiers. Gives a lot of insight into what happens when they come back especially after the Vietnam War. The psychological effects can be and are devastating. The fighting didn't end when he was sent home, continued on with the escalating symptoms of PTSD. Everyday was a struggle but he fought to overcome.

Kristy W.

Everybody loves an underdog, and this guy seemed to be one all his life. I loved the kid that he was, getting into fights all the time because he wouldn’t take crap from anyone. I loved that he was loyal to his dad, even though the guy was a jerk. I rooted for him when various people tried to stick it to him, especially that lot at Australian Immigration.

Ikay Moreno